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About us

Complex problems require simple solutions

Inkhorn is an independent strategic design studio with expertise in building identities and communication design across all industries. Being the leading branding agency in Delhi, our studio focuses on creative thinking to build brands with an ability to adapt to moments in time and still stay relevant.

Our thought process is driven by minimalism because we believe that simplicity is the way to cut through the noise. We believe in creating communication that inspires and stay relevant which makes us the best branding agency in Delhi. We strategize to solve complex problems with smart tools and resources to not just create brands, but experiences.



With 30+ hospitality projects, this is one of our favourite industry to work with, shaping beautiful hotels and restaurant brands


With apparel and personality development clients, our exposure to the industry has been limited but intense wherein multiple areas were explored 


From toy stores to jewellery brands, from supermarkets to electric bikes, we have done it all with precision and love, extending our expertise


Exposure to manufacturing industry allowed us to gain insights about the core functioning and exposed us to design areas: packaging, symbols and more


With both Indian and International brands, be it high-tech gadgets or BigData, we have worked on design segments and gained industry experience


Consulting firms and other service oriented brands have been touched upon by our team, right from brand research to final marketing collaterals

Brands are like humans, evolving,
adapting and transforming every day

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