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Ladakh Camps
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Discover the joy of camping

One of the leading companies in Ladakh with camping sites in three of the most exotic locations, Pangong, Tso-mo-riri, and Nubra, Ladakh Camps is one of its kind. Be it Swiss Cottages or the regular hut camps, the company caters to real camping feels for those who want to live close to nature while wandering and exploring the untouched and hidden beauty of Ladakh.


The brand identity was curated keeping the nature of the business in view which talks to its target audience. The brand wanted to be direct without any additional elements of design and so the mark was created in the most minimal manner using the letter A and was beautifully incorporated in the main logo. The first cut standalone concept was so appreciated that it turned out to be the quickest project wrap-up ever.


Ladakh Camps

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