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Globus Infocom

A Make In India brand, Globus Infocom is one of the leading companies in education technology, digital display along with security & surveillance. With a client base in both private and public sector domain, the company offers a wide variety of products and solutions which are devised to put forth the best in class and innovative products. Inkhorn was approached as it was referred as the best communication design agency in Noida to the client which we lived up to.


Inkhorn was approached to work on corporate communication by looking closely at the company’s purpose and what it is all about. Since the company portfolio is diverse, catering to almost all major segments in education technology, the possibility of engagement is huge. Meeting Ms. Kiran Dham’s (CEO & MD), expectations was indeed challenging because she was clear on the communication aspect since day one and was looking for visual excellence in order to achieve the right communication language. The brief was clear; we were required to create strong visual language that could depict trust and multiple opportunities with Globus and at the same time uplift the overall purpose of the company. We sat with Ms. Kiran Dham and the concerned team to understand the business functions and to identity the missing link.


After our research we came with our base concept ‘Possibilities Unlimited’ which was ideated to showcase the (trusted) growing opportunities one can tap by engaging with Globus; be it the clients or the employees. The concept was then extended into designing corporate profile, product catalogues, social media creatives and was also a part of corporate events’ branding wherein the concept was based around ‘possibilities unlimited’. Inkhorn, best communication design agency in Noida, continue to play a role when it comes to corporate communication design and act as brand consultants to Globus.


Globus Infocom

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