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Meet, Explore, Build

With a presence in about twenty countries, HPG Consulting enjoys a repute globally. With an experience of about 20 years in Conceptualizing, Facility Planning, Food Service Planning, Operational Area Planning, and Laundry Planning, HPG has laid a global foundation by being focused on the core business. We were referred to the client as one of the leading young and energetic corporate branding company Delhi and we ensured to live up to their expectations.


Inkhorn was approached to identify if visual identity needed to be revamped. There always comes a time when brand change is necessary. Apprehending when this change needs to be undertaken may be difficult but in the life of every business, there are important markers that indicate when this change is needed. In HPG’s case it was its vision with which the team works. To be more precise, its young and enthusiastic team that works to deliver beyond the board meetings, with a smile. A logo that looked fine several years ago was facing difficulties to make the clients and employees understand the forward thinking, young and aspirational approach to work.


After a thorough discussion with the board members, we got the go-ahead to sketch the vision of the company in its visual identity, a company that works to deliver a happy experience. A smile was carved out of the logo which also turned into a standalone mark. We didn’t design the visual identity, we curated its vision. The new brand mark defines it like never before. It depicts innovation to the process, a young and enthusiastic team and a perfect harmony that the team strike between the serious work they do and the young-at-heart attitude where they make friends and not just clients. After completing the project, our work as a leading corporate branding company Delhi was loved to an extent that we moved to the next segment of business as the Managing Director of the company turned out to be a hotelier too. Visit 1900 A.D to know more.  




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