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Play ’n’ Party

A toy store in Surat, Gujarat that works with an idea to offer not just a toy store but an experience to its little visitors with an option to play, learn, and party. A dedicated staff that allows kids to engage with a playful and joyous experience when they are in the store. They approached Inkhorn, branding agency in Delhi, to create a brand that communicate clearly with both their primary and secondary audience. The brief was to keep the visual identity as simple and as relatable as possible to the imagination of the little ones but at the same time excite their parents as well who look at Littla as a secured and happy place for their kids.


We explored multiple designs and worked with the team to build concepts in relation to the environment (store) design. We wanted to be simple but at the same time powerful so that the communication is straightforward. The logo design is an amalgamation of a silhouette of a child carrying a teddy bear and the (font) type to convey that toys and Littla (kids) go hand-in-hand. The concept symbolises the strong relationship one withholds with the brand when it comes to engaging children in a fun and interactive manner where they not just play around or buy toys but also learn by interacting with various tools at the store and develop skills.


The visual identity was an instant hit with the locals and we were happy to see people connect with it. Based on the concept, a lot of communication collateral was developed and was positively accepted and appreciated in the market. The most important aspect of the design was that it was able to make a connection with both primary and secondary target audiences. The management continues to have Inkhorn as their brand consultant and they term us as the best branding agency Delhi.



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