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Internal Branding: Hit or a miss?

Brands are not built by advertising alone; it is also built by consumers, employees and other major stakeholders. Owing to this holistic association, the internal and external messages should match to deliver brands’ promise accurately. The phrase ‘walk the walk’ hold more relevance than ever for marketers in these times where consumer perspective is altered with one tweet or comment on social media platforms. (Internal branding services have always been an important part of Inkhorn portfolio as we are one of the best internal communication design agency in Noida).

Ford’s branding push ‘Go Further’ targeted both car buyers as well as the employees because the company believed that making internal branding consistent with external branding will create profound synergies that will benefit the company in significant ways. For employees internally it meant, serving people better, ingenuity and attainable.

It is now important to tap the internal perspectives to be sure that employees, marketing partners and other relevant stakeholders within the company appreciate and understand basic branding notions and how they can help or hurt, brand equity. The internal branding activities and processes to help and inspire employees about the brands hold more relevance than ever in the growing and changing media environment. Training and encouraging the dealers and distributors would be an enhanced step towards ensuring the brand bonding both internally and externally. Disney is so successful with its internal branding that it use to hold seminars on ‘Disney Style’ for employees from other companies and brands like Chevrolet use to send its employees to learn how to apply Disney principles to improve car buying experience for their customers.

No brand can deliver its promise until everyone in the company literally live the brand in harmony. If employees understand and believe in the brand, they will work harder feeling responsible and would be motivated to hold greater loyalty towards the firm.

To catch employees attention and imagination is as important as an ad campaign to boost sales and profits or to engage customers one to one. To quote an example, after BP ran an internal branding campaign to accompany its external repositioning ‘Beyond Petroleum’ ad campaign, BP found most of its employees were positive about the new brand and thought the company was going in the right direction. So be it Walmart, Starbucks or Ford, internal branding has been a hit for these in recent times and shall continue to bore relevance in the coming times. (Contact us for communication design strategies as we are one of the leading communication design agency in Noida). 

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