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1900 A.D.
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A kitchen love story

A restaurant in the heart of Gurugram (Gurgaon) City, 1900 A.D. brings back the magic of age-old techniques and slow-cooked food variations to life. One of the finest and most rated restaurants 1900 A.D. was quick to impress the food enthusiast with its scrumptious food and branding. The team at HPG was impressed by our corporate communications and visual identity, and the challenge was to live up to their already high expectations from Inkhorn, best packaging design company in Delhi NCR.


Food is nothing less than a love story that involves planning, patience, science and maths and more importantly that perfect pinch of care that one adds to make any dish a hit or a miss. Our entire brand revolves around these five factors that we put to best to curate a fine dining experience at home. The design intends to showcase the olden times where cooking was more than just a task or a daily affair. The design expresses our love for food blended with perfect culinary skills using the best of the ingredients it its purest forms, the techniques of slow cooking in clay pots along with the food science that all goes in together for a fine dining experience, delivered at home!


The packaging design delineated back to the era about which we are talking about, 1900 A.D. where everything was done by the bare hands. Be it chopping, kneading the dough, blending spices, cooking to finally serving the food, man used his hands to cook and serve without using any basic machines like we have in modern times. Picking up from this comes our design element, The Hand.


The design along with the creation of the copy was job done for 1900 A.D. which received accolades from both the top management and the restaurant visitors; extremely apparent with the reviews written in social media space mentioning about the beautiful packaging and so we did justice to the title of best packaging design company in Delhi NCR.


1900 A.D.

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