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Oriental Group
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Explore, dream, discover ladakh!

Inkhorn has been the leading hotel branding company in Ladakh with more than 50+ clients in the region. Our association with Oriental is as old as we are as the account has been with us since our inception in the region. Oriental Group is one of the most reputed companies which has a long standing of almost three generations in the region. With three properties under the group, the goodwill it enjoys is clearly visible from the most number of awards that it has in its name by various travel portals. Located in proximity to Shanti Stupa, this is one of the places that people love to be when travelling to the region.


Right from their brand identities to the websites in addition to outdoor marketing creatives and social media, we have done it all. The logo ideation of the meditating monk came from its proximity to Shanti Stupa and the location it has which offers utmost peace and tranquility. They needed a logo for the Group which can be used across all properties and businesses and can even help when they expand. Well, our symbol did its job. The same mark (meditating monk) was further explored when the group added a new hotel (Zion Ladakh) to their portfolio in 2018.


The internal and external communication language of the brand depicts three things: simple, personal and peaceful vacation. The idea of the group is to offer home-like experiences to their guests and the same is communicated through the design language set for the brand. Right after finishing the project, Inkhorn gained tremendous popularity in the region and the symbol/logo was applauded throughout. Now we enjoy the status of best hotel branding company in Ladakh (Leh and Kargil) and continue growing and expanding by leaps and bounds, working for all kinds of businesses.


Oriental Group

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