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For client Earth

For over two decades, Ozone Prints have partnered with top-notch brands to allow them to communicate its market goal towards specific client sets via visually appealing prints and graphics. Starting operations as early as 1994 and later as Ozone in 2009, they were the first to introduce digital printing in Northern India market. In our first meeting, the team was impressed with our communication portfolio and gave us a go ahead to stand up to their expectations as the company that offers the best communication design services Delhi.


The brief was simple, rebrand Ozone Prints setting the right communication language to portray them as a premium digital printing company and at the same time facilitate expansion to tap newer market segments. In a couple of meetings, we discussed, in detail, about the modern design language and the changing outlook. We discussed how from Google to Facebook to IHOP to Mini-cooper, the brands are taking up minimalistic approach that offer better recognition. From symbol to font, elements are constantly been simplified to make the brand look more suave. Following this, a minimal approach was followed in revamping the overall look and feel which included brand identity, communication collaterals, website, and other similar creatives. In order to be inline with the current design trends which is taking up the minimal approach across the globe, we flattened the logo so that it can used as a variation/secondary design on all digital platforms, across all backgrounds. The facelift logo, now, is minimal in one and many aspects and is in accordance to the design language which is setting the current design scenario.


Inkhorn continues to act as brand consultants to Ozone and closely work with the team responsible for marketing and managing communications at the firm. We have also worked on other projects owned by Ozone Prints and have successfully won the hearts of the management with our best communication design services Delhi.



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